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Give me 5 minutes to show you how to turn stress and anxiety into peace, prosperity, and purpose – in less than six months

Hi, I'm Amy Blakeslee
and I hel
p leaders turn

stress and anxiety into transformative outcomes.

 My passion is to help leaders experience peace, prosperity, and purpose in all areas of life as rapidly as possible. Our lives are meant to be joyful and abundant, and we have superpowers we can use to create the life we deserve. When we know who we are and why we are here in the lifetime, we become unstoppable in making our dreams a reality. I would love to support you on your journey. 

In today's uncertain and unstable business climate, leaders experience stress and anxiety that limit their ability to perform at their best. This limits their ability to make a profound impact at work, which also adversely impacts the quality of their personal lives

I offer fast and effective life energy transformation programs that will not only reduce your stress and anxiety, but allow you to activate your powers of conscious creation in the flow of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

My programs are designed to help you:
• Start seeing yourself as the gifted and talented person you are
• Experience harmonious relationships with others
• Prosper financially and experience abundance in all aspects of your life
• Discover joy at work (yes, it is possible)
• Do something bigger than you have ever done before
• Elevate your career or create your own business
• Connect with your soul and your spiritual support team

• Fall in LOVE with your life

The secret behind my approach to help you get rapid results is the use of life energy transformation programs created by Life Energy Coaching™.  Life energy transformation programs are the fastest and most comprehensive method of change I have discovered. You will be amazed at how quickly you will experience positive impacts in a short amount of time.



Peace Flow

Beautiful young business woman over isolated background Hugging oneself happy and positive

Are you ready up your leadership game by creating harmonious relationships with your self and others – at work and home?


This program is the required first step for getting in the Peace, Prosperity and Purpose flow. You will turn your most immediate stress and anxiety into peace and calm in only six weeks!

You will discover just how powerful and fast-acting life energy transformation is.

Prosperity Flow

Abstract glamorous gold glitter sparkle confetti background or glitzy glam luxury golden c

Get ready to rapidly attract more abundance into your life. Your job isn't your source of abundance, you are. 


This program is for leaders who are serious about upping their financial game.


You must first complete Activate Peace Flow. You can only attract when you are aligned to love for your self and others.

Coming Soon >

Purpose Flow

Successful business man standing on a peak of the mountain and purposefully looking away..

Are you a spiritual trailblazer, ready to step into your reason for being here?


This program is for leaders who are ready to make a huge impact through discovery and alignment to their unique purpose. 


This program is for those who are committed to big change in a small amount of time.

Coming Soon >

Read Amy's
Best Selling Book

Join Amy on her journey from childhood trauma to spiritual awakening. Her search for relief from lifelong anxiety led her to discover her True Self. You can discover yours using Amy's powerful techniques shared throughout the book.  

1:1 Coaching

Image by Jan Kahánek

I will design a custom program based on your specific goals that range from 6 weeks to 1 year.

Coming Soon >

Learn the secrets to get into the flow of
peace, prosperity and purpose – in only 4 steps

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