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Elevate Your Business Energy to Increase Your Impact

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Examine your current relationship with work. What would your life look like if you:

  • Felt energized and excited because you were doing work that held meaning for you

  • Were highly recognized and rewarded for your unique contributions

  • Easily built relationships and influenced results

  • Led others from a state of peace and calm

  • Were inspired by your unique purpose to do the work you love

  • Discovered fulfillment through sharing your unique gifts and talents with those who truly appreciate them

How much greater of an impact could you make if you LOVED what you do?

Instead of thriving at work, many of us struggle. Common challenges associated with work are listed below. How many apply to you?


Strained relationships


Missed goals


Difficulty leading others


Passed over for promotions

Lack of fulfillment

Lacking respect from others

Dread going to work

Not making enough money

Too many politics


Work doesn't have to be a struggle. You can become unstoppable when you really know who you are, can access the power you wield from within, and embody your unique life purpose.

When you learn to manage your Business Energy, you will elevate your life to a whole new level and supercharge your impact at work.

Who You Are?

When asked 'who are you?', you probably describe yourself using the usual attributes we use when we talk about ourselves:

Name, Age, Gender, Profession, Marital Status, Family Relationships, Hobbies & Interests, Likes/Dislikes, Religion, Health Status, Emotions, etc.

Most of us have the following beliefs about ourselves:

  • We are a physical being, composed of a mind and body only.

  • We are victims to the circumstances that happen to us.

  • Our world can be experienced only through our 5 senses – smell, taste, touch, hearing, seeing.

  • We are experiencing life fully through our physicality.

  • Good things come through hard work, good luck, or coincidence.

But we are much greater than we appear…

Know Your “True Self”

Contrary to what many of us were raised to believe, we are not just a mind and a body. We are also our soul.

Our essence is the highest frequency energy of love.

We have a 6th sense – our intuition – which connects us to our soul through our heart, the most intelligent organ in our body.

Our soul has assumed our physical being to play the game of life to expand in consciousness and to experience its unique purpose for this lifetime.

In this game, we start out blind to who we are and why we are here.

Discovering who we are and using our innate powers of creation will accelerate our growth and the goodness we will experience in this lifetime.

The Energy of Love

Love is often described as the emotional and physical relationships between people. Yes, relationships can be loving but they are also often based on attachment. This type of love relationship is most often governed by the mind. This is not what we mean by the energy of love.

Love is a state of being that represents all that is good. It emanates from the heart and can transform all lower energies. The energy of love has the power to lift others and create extraordinary outcomes. We are, at our core, the essence of love.

Common love energies include inclusiveness unconditionality, forgiveness, compassion, allowance, gratitude, nurturing.

Unique Life Purpose and Business

We each have a unique life purpose with our own gifts and talents to share with the world. Our soul can provide us guidance for discovering and living out our life purpose. Knowing and embodying our unique life purpose is our key to creating a meaningful and joyful life.

  • Business flows easily when we align to our unique life purpose.

  • We make bigger impacts in our organizations, producing results some might deem miraculous.

  • We naturally bring out the best in our employees.

  • Opportunity appears seemingly out of nowhere and we effortlessly reach our goals.

  • We receive greater recognition and rewards for our contributions

You can read more about your Unique Life Purpose in this post: Your Life Purpose: The Key to Loving What You Do


Relationships are the most important aspect of our life experience. They mirror back how we feel about ourself and where we are in alignment with love or fear. They show us where we are out of alignment with our soul and our unique life purpose.

It’s only when we know and embody who we truly are that we can experience truly loving relationships with others. Our relationship to our family is reflected in our business relationships and directly impact our success at work. When we transform negative relationship patterns, we will experience better results in business — and in all of life!

In this post, I share how I positively changed a relationship with a narcissistic boss by transforming patterns related to a negative childhood relationship with my mother from fear to love.

Everything is Energy

The Universe operates on the basis of frequency. Everything is energy – even us.

Everything emits a frequency. Our frequency is determined by our thoughts and the intention behind each thought. Every intention is rooted in either love or fear. Each thought vibrates at its own frequency: love is a high frequency while fear is low.

Our intentions are usually outside our awareness as they are created through:

  • Interactions we had in our formative years that are retained within our subconscious mind.

  • Programs in our DNA that access the thought and emotional patterns of our ancestors, much of which is primal and fear-based.

What appears in our life experience is in vibration with the frequency of our thoughts – LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

In our lack of awareness, we repeatedly create limited experiences that are not aligned with our True Self or our unique life purpose. We can transform these limitations from fear to love to align with the power of our True Self. We can change our life experience by changing our energy!

The Power of Emotions

We experience many emotions that we deem as either “good” or ”bad”. We welcome the “good” emotions but fear the “bad” ones. However, emotions are just giving us feedback on whether our intentions are aligned with love or fear.

Emotions are an excellent guidance system that can indicate if we are aligned to our True Self and our unique life purpose. “Bad” emotions signal where we are out of alignment with our True Self and our unique life purpose.

Life Energy Defined

Our Life Energy is the result of our subconscious programming. It is the energy we flow out into the universe, our energy field. The Universe reads our frequency and provides circumstances that match the frequency:

  • Fear = low frequency = negative experiences

  • Love = high frequency = positive experiences

Most people are unaware of the importance of their Life Energy in creating their life experience. They do not realize how their life energy interacts with the Universe, so they pay no attention to it. When we are aware of it, we can consciously manage it. We can transform and focus our life energy to attract what we desire.

Life Energy impacts every aspect of our life:



-Relationships – both in and out of work




At Calm Ocean Coaching, we focus primarily on Business Energy. However, all energy is interconnected. Often when you elevate your energy in one area, you will notice positive impacts in other aspects.

Life Energy Coaching™ Transformation

Life Energy Coaching™ is a transformational modality that allows you to attract your deepest desires quickly and easily. It uses the highest frequencies of love to transform inner blocks and barriers to experiencing the ideal people, events, and circumstances to you.

Life Energy Coaches have been through deep transformation and aligned to their True Self and their unique life purpose. They are energetically aligned with the highest vibration of love, enabling them to massively accelerate your transformation. Life Energy Coaches reconnect you with the source of life. You will be guided to discover, align to, and embody your True Self and your unique life purpose. Life energy coaches facilitate the removing of blocks and barriers that sabotage your results – quickly and easily.

When you are aligned to who you came to be, you will create results that previously seemed impossible.

Benefits of Raising Your Business Energy Frequency

Elevate your business energy and you will supercharge your impact. Guaranteed.


Discover Your Purpose and Increase Your Impact

I am dedicated to helping leaders quickly elevate their business energy to increase their impact while loving what they do. As a certified life energy coach, I help you to define, align to, and embody your vision, creating bigger results in all aspects of your life. If you are ready to take your execution to a whole new level, please accept my gift of a complimentary strategy session.


Amy Blakeslee is a Business Energy Coach and Founder of Calm Ocean Coaching. She is the bestselling author of Awakening Through Anxiety: A Journey to Finding One’s True Self. Prior to starting Calm Ocean, Amy had a successful, 25+ year career in Technology holding executive roles at The Walt Disney Company and Universal Music Group among others.

Visit Calm Ocean Coaching at:


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