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Overcome Challenging Work Relationships by Changing Your Energy

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

What makes or breaks how you feel about work? For me, it’s the quality of the relationships I have with my boss, coworkers, employees, and customers. Since everything we do at work requires collaboration with others, challenging work relationships make it difficult to get things done. Poor relationships make work unenjoyable and oftentimes unbearable. They can also directly affect our ability to move ahead in our career.

Reflect a moment on your work relationships. Which ones are strained or difficult? Perhaps a few names popped up immediately for you. Think about each person and ask yourself why there is conflict between the two of you.

You likely answered that the other person is responsible for the state of your relationship. You've done everything in your power to get along with them, but they just won't change. They are a jerk, a bully, jealous, selfish, etc.

They may very well be those things but in this blog post, I am going to challenge you to look differently at why you might be experiencing negative work relationships – in a way that's empowering for you. I also share a new, easy, and extremely fast method to quickly shift negative work relationships to positive ones.

We Blame Others for Work Relationship Issues

A successful working relationship requires respect, trust, inclusion, self-awareness, and effective communication from all parties involved. I believe that most people in the workplace strive to embody these characteristics to the best of their ability.

However, conflicts in our work relationships are inevitable. After all, there are almost 8 billion people on this planet, each with different backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and opinions. We are bound to meet up with people who approach work differently than we do, creating disharmony in our relationships with each other.

No matter how self-aware we are, we often blame the other person for our conflicts. They treat us badly in front of others, they ignore our request for help, they give us attitude every time we talk to them.

We judge them harshly for treating us like they do, often lamenting to our coworkers about how horrible they are to us for no good reason. Others will sympathize with us, telling us that we don’t deserve it, and the other person is just a jerk who will ultimately get what’s coming to them. You know, office karma.

As I’ve expanded my awareness about how life really works, I’ve come to a completely different view on why others treat me as they do. When someone treats me poorly , I no longer see them as the bad guy and myself as the victim. Instead, I see them as a valuable partner who is showing me important information about myself.

We Attract Our Work Relationships

We live in an energetic based universe where we attract into our lives that which matches the frequency of our life energy, the energy we flow out into the universe. The frequency of our life energy is formed by our subconscious programming through the thoughts and beliefs we hold, and through the ancestral history we carry within our DNA.

When our life energy is based in love, our frequency is high, and we attract good interactions with others. If it is fear-based, our frequency is low, and the universe serves up not-so-good interactions. (Don’t beat yourself up for this. We are usually unaware of the programming that creates our reality. It's hidden and much of it doesn’t even belong to ourselves in the first place.)

People are attracted to us through the frequency of our life energy. Whether people treat us great or treat us poorly, they are just mirroring the consciousness that we hold in relation to our interactions together.

“The people we are in relationship with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors, reflecting their beliefs. So... relationship is one of the most powerful tools for growth.... If we look honestly at our relationships, we can see so much about how we have created them.” ― Shakti Gawain

This applies to all work relationships – whether it's a one-on-one relationship or a group situation. For example, take the boss who is a jerk to everyone. Surely this proves he's at fault since everyone is receiving the same poor treatment from him. He's the bully and everyone else are his victims. Yes, the boss is showing up as a jerk, but everyone who is experiencing it attracted his behavior through the same low-level frequency of their life energy.

You Can Shift Work Relationships Easily and Effortlessly

It could take many months, years, decades, or even lifetimes to consciously uncover and transform all our subconscious programming and inherited ancestral patterns. The good news is that with life energy coaching, a new form of energy transformation, we can easily uncover the negative patterns that are attracting these unhealthy relationships to us.

We can then effortlessly transform this fear-based consciousness to change the experience we have with others. Life energy transformation works astonishingly fast, often with immediate results.

When we transform our life energy from fear to love, the challenging relationship will either shift to a positive one, the person will no longer trigger us, or the person will no longer be part of our work experience, perhaps moving to a different role or leaving the company altogether.

For example, let’s say you are having a really difficult time with a female boss who sometimes bullies you. Consciously, you question why your boss is treating you unfairly. You feel you’ve done nothing wrong to deserve it and you blame her for the poor state of your relationship.

Working with a life energy coach, you may learn that within your DNA is a strong, ancestral belief that women leaders are abusive. This negative belief became activated in your experience with this boss, and she reflected it back in her bullying behavior towards you.

Using life energy transformation processes, the negative belief around women leaders can be released and the energy behind it transformed from fear to love. Your life energy will then elevate, causing the universe to effortlessly match what it brings to you to this new vibration.

Your experience with your boss will soon change. Either you will now get along, her poor behavior will no longer affect you, or she will be removed from your work experience. And you will not have a similar relationship with a female boss again.

You may be saying, well if I don’t get along with my boss, I will just leave the company or find a new role in a different part of the organization. Sure, that will immediately solve the current problem and bring you much needed relief. But it won’t stop you from attracting the same relationship with a different person in the future – maybe even in the next job.

There is a saying that applies here: “Everywhere you go, there you are.” Your life energy will not change until your consciousness changes. Until then, you will repeatedly attract the same negative relationship patterns.

That’s what happened to me. No matter where I worked, I kept attracting the same relationship conflicts with others until I transformed myself. Once I released the roots of the issues within myself, I no longer experienced the conflicts with others.

Shifting a challenging relationship provides another unique and valuable benefit. You will develop gratitude for the other person for helping you expand who you are to create more harmony in your relationships. Where in the past you may have held onto bad feelings toward this person long after the work relationship ended, you are now able to feel appreciation for their part in your growth.

What challenges are you facing with work relationships?

How have you solved issues you've had with coworkers in the past?

Have you shifted relationships using life energy transformation?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Experience Harmonious Relationships Now

Think about how much better the quality of your work life would be if your work relationships were easy and harmonious!

As a certified life energy coach, I can help you:

  • Quickly get to the source of what is causing disharmony in your work relationships

  • Easily surface all the non-loving roots and transform them to the powerful energy of love

The results? Your life energy will be elevated, attracting better relationships into your experience.

If you are ready to take your work relationships to a whole new level, I urge you to accept my gift of a complimentary 'Workplace Relationship Rehab' session. You will leave this powerful session with:

  • A clear understanding of how your workplace relationship challenges affect your results and what harmonious work relationships look like for you

  • A new awareness of what's causing many of the challenges in your work relationships (they may not be what you think!)

  • A renewed sense of energy for turning around your challenging work relationships into collaborative and harmonious partnerships

  • A next step action plan for shifting your work relationships so that you can increase your impact and love work again!

Sign up now to take advantage of this highly valuable and limited session.


Amy Blakeslee is a Business Energy Coach and Founder of Calm Ocean Coaching. She is the bestselling author of Awakening Through Anxiety: A Journey to Finding One’s True Self. Prior to starting Calm Ocean, Amy had a successful, 25+ year career in Technology holding executive roles at The Walt Disney Company and Universal Music Group among others.

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