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Are you struggling to pay your bills?


Do you feel like you can’t get ahead financially?


Do money worries leave you feeling stressed and anxious?

  • Knows themself as a powerful creator and is accountable for how they respond to the situations that appear in their experience

  • Lives and leads from their life purpose and allows others the freedom to do the same

  • Seeks guidance from within and takes inspired action

  • Makes decisions based on the greater good for all involved

  • Inspires those they lead to growing personally and professionally

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Do you make decisions that look good on paper but just don't feel right to you?

Are you at your wit's end, leading a team that struggles to work together to meet their objectives, no matter how many requests you give them?

Do you often feel like an imposter, trying hard to navigate in a world where the rules just don't make sense?

Are you fed up with feeling anxious and stressed because in order to succeed, you can't be your authentic, true self?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are likely working in a field or for a company that values masculine leadership qualities. Neglected are the powerful, feminine traits that are inherent to women and can also be very powerful when adopted by men. When we combine masculine and feminine energies, we can more quickly increase our impact and meet our true potential.

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To perform at our highest potential, we need to strike a balance between masculine and feminine leadership energies. The masculine tends to be task-oriented while the feminine is focuses on the interpersonal. Both of which are necessary to succeed in today's business world. Many masculine traits are crucial for any leader to be successful, such as assertiveness, focus, resilience, and decisiveness. Unfortunately, others such as control, arrogance, bravado, hierarchy and competition do not come naturally to women. Yet we are expected to exhibit these characteristics or we won't get ahead.

When women are forced to assume mostly masculine characteristics and to "lean in" to masculine ways of leading, we feel inauthentic and like an imposter. Most women deeply resonate with feminine traits as they come natural to us. By embodying them while balancing our leadership approach with positive masculine traits, we can become leadership powerhouses. 

While many feminine characteristics are already in play in the business world, many are seen to be weak or ineffective by those who are already competing in today's corporate game. What is missing is the realization that there are many feminine leaderships characteristics that can lead to success as easily, if not faster, than their masculine counterparts. We just need to cultivate them and use them to our benefit.

It's easy to see why the power of the feminine can be missed. Both the cause and effect of the masculine traits in action are visible and tangible. By contrast, the feminine creates by allowing through the unseen - the intangible - thus appearing mysterious and magical to those who do not understand these powerful energies.

Men are not the only ones who have not taken the time to cultivate these powerful feminine energies. Most women have been taught that to be seen as leaders, we need to exhibit masculine leadership traits. We have been guided to shut off the essence of who we are and to lead from an incomplete version of ourselves in order to "make it" in the corporate world.


However, we can rediscover the fullness of who we are and once again embody the powerful, feminine leadership energies that complement the positive masculine traits. We can create big results through balance. When we bring these authentic parts of ourselves into the workplace, we will go beyond the known and create extraordinary, unexpected outcomes.


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My new leadership program 'The Power of Feminine Leadershipwill increase your impact and help you to take your career to the next level - more easily and quickly than you ever thought possible  - by guiding you to embody powerful feminine leadership energies


"The Power of Feminine Leadership" is for you if you desire to:

  • Easily create outcomes that meet or exceed your goals

  • Become a confident, authentic and influential leader

  • Earn recognition, get promoted and increase your income

  • Develop high performing teams who are ready for any challenge

  • Experience harmonious and productive relationships 


  • Feel peace and calm regardless of what's going on

  • Redefine your work so it has meaning and purpose for you

  • Love what you do!


The Power of Feminine is a 16-week coaching program. Each week, we will focus on one of the powerful feminine leadership energies.

Understand the feminine trait

Identify blocks and barriers to embodying the feminine energy

Transform yourself to 

You'll leave the session embodying this powerful energy

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To take advantage of this very special gift, please book your Leadership Breakthrough session now.

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