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Financial Freedom is a solution to a common problem for those who pursue their life purpose, the inability to make money doing what you love.  It examines the main limiting beliefs and limiting and negative associations causing this, and provides simple yet powerful tools that transform and re-align this self-sabotaging consciousness into support for your work.​


POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS:  If you have grown up in a home where there wasn't ever a surplus of money, or just want to experience a surplus of money, it is important for you to detox your mind and body of the roots of poverty consciousness. This includes beliefs rooted in fear, envy, anger, resentment, judgment and other non-loving mental and emotional patterns relating to money and those who live in a surplus of money. When used after Love Your Self, Financial Freedom will transform the subconscious and energetic roots of poverty consciousness so that you can easily attract the money you need to support your conscious desires. 

PUTTING MONEY BEFORE LOVE:  A common mistakes people make that keeps money away from them, is to focus on money ahead of love. Those who do so have to work extremely hard to bring in money, as they have cut themselves off from their source of supply, which is love.  When used after Love Your Self, Financial Freedom transforms all roots to this condition.

FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS:  Because they have inherited generations of DNA-based consciousness that is risk averse, domestic and which discourages their having their own business, women have hurdles to entrepreneurial success not faced by men. When used following Love Your Self, Financial Freedom transforms the genetic blocks and barriers that inhibit female entrepreneurial success, freeing women to use their natural feminine gifts to advantage in their own successful businesses.

ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS:  With the workplace changing more rapidly than ever with the advent of robots and AI, businesses are restructuring and jobs are being replaced. Now more than ever, it is important for employees of all levels of seniority to recognize the importance of transforming their mindsets from employee to entrepreneur. This is a massive transformation which typically takes years when starting one's first business. Now, using Love Your Self and Financial Freedom you can make this transformation in just 12 weeks, and still be on someone else's payroll while doing so. There is no better investment you can make than in transforming the fear-based employee mindset into that of a freedom-loving entrepreneur.

CONSCIOUS BUSINESS:  The most fulfilling way to do business is to do well by doing good, also known as conscious business. This requires letting go of money obsession and focusing on work you love, which aligns you with your natural source of supply. Love Your Self and Financial Freedom are the first steps in aligning your energy with that source.


Experience Financial Freedom , a 6-week coaching program that transforms your relationship with money. Each week, dive into powerful modules and tools designed to remove limiting beliefs and unleash your financial potential.


With our Rapid Results Framework, define your vision, create an action plan, address barriers, and tap into inspired guidance.


Discover your superpowers and stay in the flow of abundance. 


• Closed a stalled business property sale that repeatedly fell out of escrow, achieving a quick and successful transaction at a higher than asking price

 • Successfully finalized a multi-year legal defense, resulting in an 8-figure punitive damages judgment against the lender and broker, ensuring justice and financial compensation.

• Significantly improved new business inflow for a struggling company, revitalizing their operations and paving the way for growth and success.

• Enabled a tech company to swiftly attract private investors, securing the necessary funding for expansion and innovation.


Program Duration:  6 weeks

Program Overview:  Explore a new transformative module each week, delving into varied topics that facilitate 24x7 energy transformation. Choose from our flexible coaching options: email-only, group sessions, or personalized 1:1 coaching.

Program Value:  Financial Freedom offers unparalleled 24x7 "behind-the-scenes" transformation processes that bring exceptional value. To achieve similar results elsewhere, you'd need about 1,008 hourly sessions, totaling $100,800 at a conservative rate of $100 per hour.

Investment Options:  Tailored to your budget and coaching preference:

  • Email Coaching: Weekly email exchanges with your coach.

  • Group Coaching: Engage in a weekly group session.

  • 1:1 Coaching: Receive personalized attention in weekly sessions.


Payment Flexibility:  We offer convenient payment plans.

Are you ready to start your transformative journey of self-love? Take the first step by booking a breakthrough session now and discover the power of Financial Freedom.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your financial potential. Take the first step by booking a Strategy Session with Amy.



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