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What Clients Are Saying

“After only 2 coaching sessions with Amy, I found clarity toward a big move I have been planning for 2024. The guidance, methods, and techniques she shared are very helpful for taking action toward my goal.”

A. Patil - Founder & Principal Consultant

“I had been feeling very stuck in many ways personally and professionally, and Reclaim Your Power really helped me see within and find my power and strength in a new way. Soon after completing the program, I manifested a significant change I had been wanting for some time.”

Kris Navarro - Food Safety Leader

"I had been struggling with some challenges and stress at work and even though I thought I was handling them ok, it become apparent that it was impacting me in other ways.  I had never done a program like Reclaim Your Power before and had no idea what to expect.  I went into it with an open mind and I am SO glad I did!!!  Not only did I learn more about myself and ways to unlock more of my potential, but I experienced a connection that proved to me that this program works!!!  Now I encourage all my colleagues to give Reclaim Your Power a try!"

Catherine K. - Technology Executive

"I’ve filled my toolbox with lessons I learned from Amy and access them when needed (which is often.) The result? Big shifts in business and how I feel. I highly recommend Amy and her work. Thank you, Amy."

Rande Levine - President, Karma Rescue

"I experienced immediate transformation after 1 session with Amy.  I had a very stressful relationship with my boss and he regularly went around me to work directly with my teams on projects.  Working with Amy, we transformed my energy around the situation with him.  When I arrived at work that next Monday, he was noticeably more inclusive with me and continues to be this day.  Definitely, worth the 50 minutes, I spent with Amy and her powerful energy!"

Carly Johnson - VP

"I recently completed the Love Your Self coaching program and it was incredibly valuable. Through Amy's individual coaching sessions I was able to change how I view important aspects of my life and let go of the negativity that consistently enveloped me. Her lessons are both empathetic and powerful. I highly recommend."

A. Braun - Manager, Agile Coach

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