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From Fear to Freedom: How I Transformed Blocks to Pursuing My Purpose

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

For years, I felt a burning desire to share my message with the world as a motivational speaker. However, I was held back by an invisible force, frozen in fear. In this heartfelt blog post, I invite you to join me on a personal journey of self-discovery as I unveil the breakthrough that allowed me to unleash my potential and pursue my dreams.

Understanding the Block

Despite my belief in the power within us, I struggled to authentically share my message. I longed to get out there, share my stories, and make a difference in other people's lives. Helping others see how amazing they are and create the lives of their dreams is my passion, aligned with my unique life purpose.

I was doing well with social media posts where I wrote about topics close to my heart, but I wasn't putting myself out there. I wasn't doing the thing I longed to do the most—create and share videos with my message across all social media platforms. And it wasn't due to a lack of effort.

Following expert advice, I tried to create videos using recommended formulas, but they never felt genuine. I wasn't engaged in the process, and I made up a lot of excuses to avoid working on it. It became clear that something deeper was holding me back from expressing myself fully.

The Power of Energy Transformation

Finally, I had enough. I couldn't contain my desire to bring my message to the world any longer. I turned to the modality of life energy coaching to understand where my block originated and to transform it so I could move forward.

Why life energy coaching? It is the most rapid and transformative method I know for deep and lasting change. By changing our energy, we not only elevate our consciousness quickly, but we can also manifest the results we desire. Life energy coaching swiftly uncovers the root cause of non-loving energy, transforming it into the highest frequency of love, bringing positive changes into our lives.

Energy's Impact on Our Lives

We live in an energetic universe where our vibration attracts experiences that align with our consciousness. Societal conditioning, life events, our ancestor's beliefs, and our own soul history influence our perceptions about ourselves and the world we live in.

Loving thoughts about ourselves bring good experiences that match them. Fear serves as the foundation of all our blocks and limitations, and it brings experiences to us that we deem "bad." I understood that to move forward, I had to uncover the root cause of my block and transmute the energy behind it to love.

Although it may seem challenging to accept that we create our reality, embracing this truth empowers us to shift limiting beliefs and manifest the life we truly desire. By aligning with love and releasing fear-based beliefs, we can attract joyful experiences in all aspects of our lives.

Your energy is your currency for transformation. Invest wisely and watch your life evolve."Unknown

Rapid Transformation, Fast Results

Through the life energy coaching process, I discovered that what was holding me back was the fear of persecution rooted in my soul history. I was blown away! This is not something that would have come to me through my normal senses. The energy of this limiting belief that does not serve me transformed into the powerful frequency of love.

This breakthrough allowed me to embrace myself and my passion to share my message to support others on their life journeys. Encouraged by this newfound freedom, I eagerly embarked on creating my video content, and within days, I released my first video to the world.

You can watch it here on my YouTube channel:

Embracing Our Authentic Selves and Inspiring Others

I've learned that embracing our authentic selves and staying true to our passions is essential. Our journeys teach us that what may seem like insurmountable barriers can be rapidly transformed when we open ourselves to energetic shifts. With the support of life energy coaching techniques, we can navigate our paths with more ease and joy.


Thank you for accompanying me on this transformative journey. While my messages may not resonate with everyone, they have the power to ignite a spark within those on a similar path.

I'm here to assist you in unlocking your potential, conquering obstacles, and embracing your true purpose with greater speed and ease than you can imagine.

Whether you're familiar with life energy work or just beginning to explore it, remember that you possess the ability to create a life filled with dreams, purpose, and the realization of your boundless potential. Let's embark on this empowering journey together.

If you are interested in learning more about working with me, schedule a complimentary breakthrough session now. I'd love to support you on your empowered path.

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Amy Blakeslee is a Life Energy Coach and Founder of Calm Ocean Coaching. She is the bestselling author of Awakening Through Anxiety: A Journey to Finding One’s True Self. Prior to starting Calm Ocean, Amy had a successful, 25+ year career in Technology holding executive roles at The Walt Disney Company and Universal Music Group among others.

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